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1.Nursing leadership in tobacco dependence treatment to advance health equity: An American Academy of Nursing policy manuscript

2.Participatory traffic control: Leveraging connected and automated vehicles to enhance network efficiency

3.Zooplankton grazing reduces the persistence of an anthropogenic pollution marker in lake water

4.A physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling approach for dosing amiodarone in children on ECMO

5.Comprehensive investigation of insulin-induced amyloidosis lesions in patients with diabetes at clinical and histological levels: a systematic review

6.Prevalence of Latent and Overt Polyautoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

7.Cover Picture: Modification Strategies of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Nanomaterials for Photocatalysis (Chem. Rec. 7/2024)

8.Diagnosis of Coccidioidomycosis with the Second-Generation Miravista IgG and IgM Enzyme Immunoassay and the Role of Adding Miravista Coccidioides Antigen Detection to Immunodiagnostic Assays

9.In situ imaging of intracellular miRNAs in tumour cells by branched hybridisation chain reaction

10.Factors influencing mortality in COVID-19-associated mucormycosis: The international ID-IRI study

11.MXene-based 2D/2D Ti3C2/TiO2 heterojunction with spatially separated redox sites for efficient photocatalytic N2 reduction towards NH3

12.Inhibition ratio (I.R.) and transformation index (T.I.): new indexes to compare the effectiveness and clinical behaviour of modern progestin-only pills (POP)

13.Interface migration and alloying mechanism of Fe and P for ferrophosphorus alloy production during the carbothermic reduction of phosphorite

14.Liquid-phase epitaxy and characterization of YAl3(BO3)4 thin layers coactivated by Er3+ and Yb3+

15.Catalytic cracking of oleic acid to generate aviation kerosene using platinum–modified ZSM–5 nanosheets