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1.An Overview on the Recent Advances in Alternative Solvents as Stabilizers of Proteins and Enzymes

2.Review of the Application of Hydrotalcite as CO2 Sinks for Climate Change Mitigation

3.Evaluation of the Adsorptive Process on Adsorbent Surfaces as a Function of Pressure in an Isosteric System Compared with Adsorption Isotherm

4.Photosynthetic Variability of Oblačinska Sour Cherry Ecotypes under Drought

5.COS-OGA Applications in Organic Vineyard Manage Major Airborne Diseases and Maintain Postharvest Quality of Wine Grapes

6.The Hidden Potential of High-Throughput RNA-Seq Re-Analysis, a Case Study for DHDPS, Key Enzyme of the Aspartate-Derived Lysine Biosynthesis Pathway and Its Role in Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses in Soybean

7.Potential Distribution of and Sensitivity Analysis for Urochloa panicoides Weed Using Modeling: An Implication of Invasion Risk Analysis for China and Europe

8.Genome-Wide Identification and Expression Analysis of CsCaM/CML Gene Family in Response to Low-Temperature and Salt Stresses in Chrysanthemum seticuspe

9.The Status of Genetic Resources and Olive Breeding in Tunisia

10.Evaluation of Agricultural Traits, Phytochemical Contents, and Antioxidant Activities in the Leaves of Amaranth Accessions of Nine Species

11.Advances in the Micropropagation and Genetic Transformation of Agave Species

12.Metabolome Profiling: A Breeding Prediction Tool for Legume Performance under Biotic Stress Conditions

13.A New Method for Rapid Subcellular Localization and Gene Function Analysis in Cotton Based on Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus

14.View Normalization of Object Size in the Right Parietal Cortex

15.The HIV Epidemic in South Africa: Key Findings from 2017 National Population-Based Survey